Useful links:

Technical Resources

IEEE-MTT,Silicon Valley  This page has archives of most of the recent talks at the local meetings of the IEEE Society on  Microwave Theory and Techniques.

Design you own nanotechnology,  This website, sponsored by Purdue University allows anyone to do designs and computer simulations of nanotechnology.

RF Cafe,  This website has many items of interest to engineers working with Radio Frequency (RF) designs.

Amateur Radio:

Foothills Amateur Radio Society, FARS,  I have been an active member of this club for many years.  Activities include training new hams, technical presentations, emergency preparedness exercises, radio contests, and more..
50 MHz and Up,

AC6V Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide, This is the most comprehensive list I know for all things about Amateur Radio.

Microwave Antenna Book by W1GHZ (ex-N1BT) A practical book microwave antennas, how they work and how to build them.

Software tools:

Silicon Valley Linux Users Group, SVLUG,  I find that the email reflector is a great source of information on Linux and related topics.

Make your own archive of websites.  A friend made this tool to help search websites and organize the for your particular purposes.

All-in-one Internet Application Suite, This is an integrated tool following in the Mozilla and Netscape projects It includes a web browser, email view, an HTML editor, and more. It is presently my tool of choice for web page creation. Downloads are available for Linux and Windows.

Validate your HTML code,  If you are at all serious about website developement, you should use this tool to verify your code is correct.  If you pass the test, you can display this symbol.

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