My Technical Dictionary

Some things I have done and organizations I have been part of
Updated January, 2010

A is for Antenna

Antennas for Digital TV experiments with receiving DTV off the air.

What's Wrong with the Cross-Field_Antenna.  The Cross-Field Antenna, CFA, is a unique concept for efficient, compact antennas.  After a number of experiments, I came to the unhappy conclusion that it doesn't work.

B is for battery charger.

AA6PZ Power Charger, a combination external power supply and battery charger for hand held radios.  The article can downloaded from  Also in the Radio Amateur's Handbook, printed by ARRL.

C is for Centerboard, a very important part of a sail boat

Design and Conctruction Of Centerboards and Rudders,

Design and Construction of Centerboards and Rudders, Part II, will have computer simulations of the designs described in Part I.

D is for DAC, Digital to Analog Converter

E is for embedded systems

An embedded system is anything with a built-in computer that we don't normally think of as a computer.  Examples include microwave ovens and hybrid automobiles,  OK, I didn't actually take apart the Prius, but I watched it being done.  Seriously, I designed my first embedded system before the first IBM PC was on the market.
F is for Filters

G is for GNU

H is for HTML

Hyper Text Mark-up Language.  The computer code used to write web-sites, including this one and also

I is for IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

J is for jitter

K is for keyboard

L is for languages

M is for Mystery Antenna, Can you identify it?

N is for network analyzer, noise figure

O is for Oscilloscope

P is for power meter, PERL

Q is for QSL, QRZ

R is for Radio

S is for signal generator, software spectrum analyzer

T is for transmission lines

U is for Unix / Linux

V is for Video, VCO

W is for wireless

X marks the spot

Y is for your engineering solution.

Z is for Zander